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As wellness experts, we take what we use on our bodies seriously. Over the past 10 years, we have developed natural products that work.

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Prenatal massage

Congratulations on your baby to be!  

Pregnancy is a milestone in the lives of many women, bringing with it much joy, but also some challenges.

Prenatal massage can contribute to endorphin creation and create a deeper state of wellbeing.

The massage can help to alleviate some of the stress and fatigue, as well as some physical and hormonal changes that come with pregnancy.

At Tan Jai our goal is to help pregnant women with some of the less pleasant symptoms, and help reduce stress levels thereby providing an overall positive effect on mother and child.

Did you know?

The baby also benefits from the massage and can even feel the sensations in the womb. Sometimes the baby will respond to the touch by kicking and/or moving around.

Some experts even say that it's a way of bonding with the baby and getting them used to human touch once out of the womb.

Mother and baby both vibrate to the same rhythms and there is an important correlation between the mother's wellbeing and the baby's.

The benefits of massage during the pregnancy:

• Relief of tensions and muscular pains

-Strengthening of the muscles and of the articulations

-An improvement in the quality of sleep

-Relief of muscular cramps

-Improvement in cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation--

-Relief of headaches and a reduction of nausea

-Reduction of stress and anxiety

-Maintaining a good posture

-Lasting wellbeing for the future mother and the baby

-Softening of the skin and the prevention of stretch marks

The benefits of massage after the pregnancy:

-Relief of tensions and of muscular pain caused by childbirth and breast feeding

-Recovery following lack of sleep

-Reduction of the various physical and psychological symptoms related to the post-partum period

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