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As wellness experts, we take what we use on our bodies seriously. Over the past 10 years, we have developed natural products that work.

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Great you're here! Thanks for coming. I was about to tell you why every woman should have a yoni massage.

For starters, the vagina is a part of our body like all the other parts. It contains many muscles of its own and is surrounded by, and an important part of, the pelvic floor muscles that help to hold us upright and form a basket that holds and protects our lower internal organs.

The pelvic floor muscles are always engaged and are what keep us from peeing ourselves. Also,

"The pelvis can contain tension even from how we sit and stand." according to sexologist Emily Royce.

The other benefits of Yoni massage are deeper.

Any muscle tension in the body can cause pain and other more serious issues if not dealt with.

Many practitioners believe that stress, trauma and fears are held in the body and are expressed in the form of muscle tension or even more serious diseases such as inflammation and even cancer.

Yoni massage can help release emotional blockages, help the recipient recover from emotional traumas, ease built up tensions and promote a deep sense of relaxation and grounding of the mind.  

The vagina is centered in the sacral chakra. When the sacral chakra is blocked or out of balance, you might experience feelings of fear, depression, and that everything is overwhelming. You might feel a lack of confidence or a loss of imagination and creativity.

Allowing yourself the gift of having a professional, discreet Yoni massage can give you that boost of confidence you may be needing, help you feel more balanced, less overwhelmed and that you are more in control of your life.

At the very least a Yoni massage should feel good and help you reconnect with your body. This is the very essence of self care. Look after yourself, be good to yourself to be your best self always.

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Be kind to yourself

We must show ourselves the same compassion we show others