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As wellness experts, we take what we use on our bodies seriously. Over the past 10 years, we have developed natural products that work.

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Wonderful! You're curious about Yoni massage and I'm sure you have questions.  I did too.

The focus of the Yoni massage is to release both physical and emotional blockages that could be causing distress in the body.  These issues can manifest themselves in physical pain, inflammation, illnesses or emotional turmoil.

After the session, the recipient will also be more in tune with her body.

Yoni massage sessions can last anywhere from 60-90 mins. Again, I know what you're thinking…that's a long time to massage my yoni. LOL Don't worry, that's not how it works.

Here's what to expect during your goddess session.

First of all, we are all experienced practitioners.  There is never force or push and your therapist will let you know what she is doing along the way.

We set a tranquil, relaxing, soothing, mood with flameless candles all over the room and jasmine in the air. Your therapist will leave the room so that you can undress completely as you would for any other massage and lie on the table face down. The heating pad will be on and the room temperature will be warm.

Once you're ready, she'll re-enter to place the a weighted blanket will be placed on your back as we begin the sound bath.

Gongs, singing bowls, and rainsticks are just some of the insturments we use to create a soothing sound bath. Let the healing vibrations wash over you brining you to a peaceful state.

When the sound bath is over, your therapist will re-enter the room to remove the weighted blanket and begin the massage.  

We begin by massaging your feet and guiding your breathing with a soothing voice. With gentle sweeping motions she'll continue to make her way up your legs, paying special attention to your lower back (Sakral charka), moving up to your shoulders and then to your head.

All the while she'll be guiding your breathing ensuring you stay in a relaxed and blissful state. As your comfort level increases, she'll slowly remove the covering.

Moving slowly and gently, your therapist will make her way down your back to the gap between your legs, edging her hand along your inner thighs awakening the energy and bringing it to the surface. There may be some touching of the outer labia at this point.

Your therapist will guide you to relax and enjoy the sensations. Feel everything.

Once the therapist deems you're ready, she'll ask you to turn on your back. Again, she'll start with your feet and make sweeping motions up your body.

The process will be the same as when you were on your stomach. This time, when she gets to your “private area” she will place her hand over the area in a cupping motion to awaken the energy. Again, breathe deeply and feel the warmth.

There may be some massage of the outer labia, perhaps even some gentle internal palpations, which will all be very natural, comfortable and non-intrusive.

Once this has been done, the therapist will work to open your chakras. Spending 3-5 mins on each chakra, she'll guide you to breath and visualize colours according to the placement of her hands on your body.

The session is discreet, professional as well as effective and liberating.

Receipts can be provided and will indicate massage or naturopathy. The session may be covered by your private insurance if massage or naturopathy are covered.

Be kind to yourself

We must show ourselves the same compassion we show others