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Name: Edgardo

Specialites:Thai Yoga Massage (mat and table),  Lomi Lomi, Cupping, Deep tissue, Thai oil massage, Thai Reflexology, Toc Sen, Bamboo Sticks

Edgardo  is a registered massage therapist, member of the RMQ since 2013, who specialized in traditional Thai-Yoga Massage. In addition, he also practices Thai Tok-Sen (percussions with a special wooden hammer and stick) and Jap-Sen (cross-fiber technique), which are sometimes blended with the regular treatment. Edgardo has been practicing Hatha-Yoga for the last 40 years, which allows him to have a well-rounded approach on muscle stretches, joint movements and body alignment.

Apart from his regular practice, he worked as volunteer at the WICWC,(West Island Cancer Center ) from 2013 till early this year, offering Thai on mat and table, and Lomi-Lomi massages.

Registered with the AQTN and can issue receipts for insurance purposes.

Name: Melissa

Specialites:  Swedish, Oil Thai, lomi-atsu fascia therapy

Melissa has been a therapist for many years.

She offers massages characterized by calmness and "energetic listening" along with techniques that greatly help to prevent tension and help with general muscle flexibilit.  Her touch is often described as firm and fluid at the same time.

Registered and can issue receipts for insurance purposes.


Name: Robert

Specialites: Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Style Head Massage, Chair Massage, Thai Reflexology, Lomi lomi

Other interests: Dance, Essentrics, Clairvoyance, Energy work, biking, Hiking, Bootcamp, Health and Wellness of Body, Mind and Soul.

Registered with the AQTN and can issue receipts for insurance purposes.


Name: Tanja - Soul Wellness Assistant

Specialites: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic oil, Thai Yoga Massage, Prenatal, Eldelry, Hot Stone, TMJ, Sound Therapy-crystal and tibetan bowls

After spending 20 years in the corporate world, Tanja decided to follow her bliss and become a healing practitioner.  

With a strong respect for Western medicine, Tanja prefers what are sometimes called alternative methods of healing or natural methods derived from the East. She is a firm believer that both methods can and should co-exist.

Tanya realizes that each client's rhythms are unique and tailors her practice to suit each individual's needs. Certified in pre-natal and elderly massage allows Tanya to offer clients in all life-stages the benefits of her gentle care, attention and knowledge to achieve life's perfect balance.

Registered with the AQTN and Mon Reseau Plus and can issue receipts for insurance purproses.


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