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As wellness experts, we take what we use on our bodies seriously. Over the past 10 years, we have developed natural products that work.

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We're conveniently located an 8 minute walk from Mount Royal metro


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7 a.m. to 9 p.m. as needed

Although we are not a fully staffed spa, we are happy to welcome our guests.

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Corporate massage

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Massage is a necessity and no longer just a luxury. It's an easy way to help restore your body's natural rhythm and bring back balance.  

Research indicates that a 15 minute  massage can result in decreased job stress, increased alertness and increased productivity.

Office workers who receive regular massages are more alert, perform better and are less stressed.

Benefits of Tan Jai Corporate Massage:

         Improve office moral

     Reduce tension

         Lessen sick days

     No cost to the company (when insurance benefits are available)

     Employees pay directly and get reimbursed by the insurance

     Therapist fully insured

     Minimal space required, can set up in a vacant office, a private and quiet space is preferred

     Can be done on coffee and/or lunch break

     Ranges from 10 to 60 minutes

     Fully dressed, without oils

     Employees book online using an online booking tool

     No company coordination necessary except for initial information letter to the employees

How it works:

You provide us with a contact person from your office to help us with the initial responsibilities such as sending an email to your employees advising them of our visit, how to book and what to expect. Please note that this email can be drafted for you if required.

We provide an online booking tool for a hassel-free method for scheduling appointments

We bring everything needed including, of course, the massage equipment, relaxation music and all hygienic supplies for disinfecting the equipment

You provide a small private space for the treatments

How we're different:

     Qualified therapists trained in various modalities

     Not just chair massage

     Top notch customer service

     Competitive rates

     Once we're up and running, the program runs itself meaning no administrative needs

         on the side of the company

Payment Details:

Employee Sponsored

-Employees pay for treatments via cash, credit card or Interac email transfer

-Receipts are provided so employees can be reimbursed by their health care plan

Company Sponsored

-Company pays for treatments per therapist hourly fee

Be kind to yourself

We must show ourselves the same compassion we show others