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By manipulating the body and stimulating the mind, massage provides the perfect balance needed for an

individulal's health to thrive

Benefits of Seniors Massage

As mentioned, touch is a fundamental need which many seniors lack. SImply having your hands and feet massaged is beneficial in itself but is even more crucial for those missing touch and or unable to move from a bed

Studies have shown that massage for the elderly can help manage and/or prevent age-related diseases and can be as a good alternative to less natural pharmaceutical treatments

With regular massage, the quality of life is greatly increased, allowing the older patients to feel younger, healthier, and balanced

“Motion is lotion”, and massage gently promotes the natural lubrication of joints, greatly assisting in the pain management of patients suffering from the stiffness of arthritis

Some other benefits include:

Increase range of motion

Strengthen muscles while reducing tension

Better quality of sleep

Improve posture

At Tan Jai Personal and Corporate Wellness we're trained and able to adapt to our circumstances.

Senior's massage can be as simple as massaging the arms, hands, legs and feet but can range to gentle streching or a regular Swedish Massage

If the client is unable to move from the bed, we can  and can be done on a bed for those who aren't able to move, or on a zero gravity chair for those with limited ability to lie on the floor

For those who are able to stand up or sit down with ease, the massage can be performed on mats on the floor like the regular Thai Yoga Massage or on a table like a Swedish Massage

Pillows and other supports are always used to ensure the utmost comfort

The therapist will discuss your needs and limitations and together will access where and how to perform the massage

The therapist will bring any necessary props including the zero gravity chair if necessary.